Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wiki page: wenslearningwiki

Finally got my first Wiki page up and running ever, wow what a trial that was. It was fairly easy tofollow but I found there was a lot of information to go through to learn about what to do and how to do a Wiki page. I found the little information boxes that popped up each time I did something were very very annoying. I have managed to change the background colour, import a picture, invite friends and to manage all the changes and emails on the Wiki, lets hope it all works.
I have had a small amount of experience with a Wiki page before when working with a year 5 class. The students were to add to a Wiki page information they had researched via the Learning place virtual classroom that they were working on from a particular Unit for the term. It was amazing watching the learning and enthusiasm this learning tool was able to keep the students engaged and kept their interest whenever they were working on this particular part in their day. All the students seemed to enjoy being able to add and read others comments and findings and the fact that they were actually contributing to a web page (although it was only availabe to them as a class) was an excitement in itself.
I feel these Wiki pages are a great learning tool for all students in the classroom (which can also be accessed from home) where they can collaboratively learn. These Wikis could also be used as a conference place between teacher and students for homework assignments, their own thoughts and progress on projects they are working on and question and answer pages for when working on projects at home, similar to a forum where everyone sees the answers. It could also be used as an introduction between student and teachers before the begining of a term or year, of course this would have to be arranged prior to commencement as in contact all students and parents - just a possibility........
I would definately use a Wiki inthe classroom for learning.

RSS Feed / Google Reader

I have seen this wording on my regular email menu and never really understood what it's purpose was or how to use it. I thought it keep track of my internet history and added these to my folder. So I have always ignored this folder and action as I am very wary of a lot of things on the internet such as following certain sites keeping their URL address etc as I am worried that I could easily get virus's via this. Since I have discovered that RSS feed is actually a really great tool for following blogs as well as other internet sites without having to type in the URL address each time or even have it attached to my favourites, I have found this new found toy or tool easy to use and very useful. Setting it up was very easy, the instructions for Google reader were very well set out for me to follow, the only action I was not really happy with was starting a Google account. Having so many accounts with passwords and usernames does become confusing and tiring at times. How are we supposed to remember all these names and passwords.......? I am happy that I have managed to teach another student how to set one up now. I will be using this Google reader so much. It's like a new toy.....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Engagement Theory

Reading through Waterhouse (2005) and Prensky (2001), "I found these two articles very interesting and have been able to link them back to our lectures, not just in E-learning but also through Learning Management 2,3 & 4, as well as our other subjects. I agree with Waterhouse(2005) that e-learning improves teaching and learning, in the classroom both as a teacher and a learner. As I learn more and more about technology (and I thought I knew a bit, although I still have much more to learn, I am considered a Digital Immigrant (Prensky 2001)) I am becoming more and more engaged (Prensky 2005). I can see the positives in e-learning in the classroom for ALL cultures, year grades and ages. I feel the engagement that e-learning brings to the classroom is the most effective way of learning and teaching for both parties. They are able to focus and also see the results almost immediately, which is something that Prensky (2001) states of the "Digital Natives" are seeing and experienceing, they are on such a ride that is fast, engaging and ever changeing that there is not a lot of time to be disengaged. So now 'we' as Learning Managers have the responsibility to make this happen in our classrooms, to help ourselves and educate not only ourselves but our learners.
After watching the 2 videos about the Aurukun community and how the teachers and their school were able to adapt and change the "normal way of educating as we know and experience" students to a way that both parties could relate to each other and become involved and want to work together was absolutely fantastic, being Indigeneous myself, I felt a great pride and happines in seeing these talented students rise above all their obstacles to become great learners and teachers themselves. I would hope that these videos and ideas would be shown more readily in schools and our communities to show that everyone has a choice and can make themselves what they want to be, by their "Culture, Education and Opportunity or Choice" whether they are black, white, asian and so on. I would love to see more hands-on technology learning in schools. Now I have the responsibility to learn what my students know and extend on that and refine it. Wendy Gaines. 2009


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Saturday, July 11, 2009

First Timer

This is my first attempt at creating a Blog page and boy is it confusing and scary. I have no idea what I am doing, so if things are all over the place, please bear withe me and be patient. I am looking forward to learning lots through E-Learning and my co-students. I am nervous as hell and going in blind. I have a bit of experience with computers as such but when it comes these new fandangle things like Ipod, Blog spots even Facebook took me a little to get used to. I have only recently purchased an Ipod so am still learning lots there. I am curious on how to implement this technology into the classroom. I think it would be fun and I could learn a lot from the students as well.
Any suggestions, ideas, or direction from anyone is always accepted with gratitude.

Thanks until next time (hopefully)