Wednesday, July 29, 2009

RSS Feed / Google Reader

I have seen this wording on my regular email menu and never really understood what it's purpose was or how to use it. I thought it keep track of my internet history and added these to my folder. So I have always ignored this folder and action as I am very wary of a lot of things on the internet such as following certain sites keeping their URL address etc as I am worried that I could easily get virus's via this. Since I have discovered that RSS feed is actually a really great tool for following blogs as well as other internet sites without having to type in the URL address each time or even have it attached to my favourites, I have found this new found toy or tool easy to use and very useful. Setting it up was very easy, the instructions for Google reader were very well set out for me to follow, the only action I was not really happy with was starting a Google account. Having so many accounts with passwords and usernames does become confusing and tiring at times. How are we supposed to remember all these names and passwords.......? I am happy that I have managed to teach another student how to set one up now. I will be using this Google reader so much. It's like a new toy.....

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