Saturday, July 11, 2009

First Timer

This is my first attempt at creating a Blog page and boy is it confusing and scary. I have no idea what I am doing, so if things are all over the place, please bear withe me and be patient. I am looking forward to learning lots through E-Learning and my co-students. I am nervous as hell and going in blind. I have a bit of experience with computers as such but when it comes these new fandangle things like Ipod, Blog spots even Facebook took me a little to get used to. I have only recently purchased an Ipod so am still learning lots there. I am curious on how to implement this technology into the classroom. I think it would be fun and I could learn a lot from the students as well.
Any suggestions, ideas, or direction from anyone is always accepted with gratitude.

Thanks until next time (hopefully)


  1. Hi Wen!
    Your blog is looking great - you did an excellent job, good on you for 'going in blind' as you put it! It is great to do that sometimes, step outside your comfort zone.
    I think blogs could be an excellent idea for in the classroom. Each student could have their own blog, they are linked to the teacher and each other and then they post discussions about a topic they are studying and answer questions or do research from what the teacher posts - what a great way to do homework too!!!!

  2. Hi Wendy.

    Mad isn't it! We approach new technology with such fear, yet how many time do you find that when you actually do it and then successfully come out the other end you wind up thinking: ' was that it!......that was cool!

    Of course there are occassionally those 'OTHER' times as well!!!!


  3. Hi Wendy,

    I totally agree. It is scary and yes can be quite confusing, however i am really beginning to see some enormous benefits that a blog will provide us with in the classroom. Each day that i 'play' on my own blog provided me with that little bit more confidence. By the end of the course we will all be old hands at it! Well, thats the theory behind it anyway!

    Chat soon,