Saturday, July 25, 2009

Engagement Theory

Reading through Waterhouse (2005) and Prensky (2001), "I found these two articles very interesting and have been able to link them back to our lectures, not just in E-learning but also through Learning Management 2,3 & 4, as well as our other subjects. I agree with Waterhouse(2005) that e-learning improves teaching and learning, in the classroom both as a teacher and a learner. As I learn more and more about technology (and I thought I knew a bit, although I still have much more to learn, I am considered a Digital Immigrant (Prensky 2001)) I am becoming more and more engaged (Prensky 2005). I can see the positives in e-learning in the classroom for ALL cultures, year grades and ages. I feel the engagement that e-learning brings to the classroom is the most effective way of learning and teaching for both parties. They are able to focus and also see the results almost immediately, which is something that Prensky (2001) states of the "Digital Natives" are seeing and experienceing, they are on such a ride that is fast, engaging and ever changeing that there is not a lot of time to be disengaged. So now 'we' as Learning Managers have the responsibility to make this happen in our classrooms, to help ourselves and educate not only ourselves but our learners.
After watching the 2 videos about the Aurukun community and how the teachers and their school were able to adapt and change the "normal way of educating as we know and experience" students to a way that both parties could relate to each other and become involved and want to work together was absolutely fantastic, being Indigeneous myself, I felt a great pride and happines in seeing these talented students rise above all their obstacles to become great learners and teachers themselves. I would hope that these videos and ideas would be shown more readily in schools and our communities to show that everyone has a choice and can make themselves what they want to be, by their "Culture, Education and Opportunity or Choice" whether they are black, white, asian and so on. I would love to see more hands-on technology learning in schools. Now I have the responsibility to learn what my students know and extend on that and refine it. Wendy Gaines. 2009


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  1. Hi Wendy,

    I think what you have written has given me something to think about. Although I may be a digital native, technology is always changing and I find that there is so much I do not understand or comprehend! This is the challenge for all of us as we become Learning Managers to explore different ways to engage all students, regardless of their cultural background to help them succeed in their own learning journey.



  2. Hi Wendy,
    This is my first year, and as I progress further through the course, I too find that I become more and more engaged.
    I think that we are lucky as learners in this age, as we are certainly aware of the gap between ourselves and our students and should be continually looking for ways to narrow that gap.
    The clips from Aurukun were uplifting and encouraging. Just finding a different way for those students to learn was the key.
    One other thought I had while watching that was the future of training indigenous teachers from within, and for the community.
    I'd like to know more about that!



  3. Thanks Melissa and Mia fro your great comments and suggestions. I got to thinking of your comment Mia in regards to Indigenous teachers and their training, hmmm yes thinking back to the 2 videos of Aurukun I think you are onto something there, Having different teaching strategies for training the Indigenous Teachers would be a big step forward for them to enable them to become great engaging teachers wihtin the Indigenous schools like Aurukun and Cape York etc, I think having them up to date within the technology phase would be a great and excellent way to start, however the access to these items would be a little difficult maybe. Something else to think about, but there must be other ideas out there to keep these kids "engaged not enraged" and in school. I think I will be looking at some ideas from Noel Pearson (Cape York) and Chris Sarra (Indigenous co-ordinator in Brisbane) they will have some great ideas and suggestions.
    Thanks again girls.