Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Royalty Free music on the web. Wow what a great site. Isn't it great to find something you can use for free. As we all know that using music in our powerpoints, movie videos etc are all subjected to copy right unless we have gone through the correct channels to have permission to use a piece of music for a certain purpose at a certain time which can cost most of the time. On the Incomptech site the Creative Commons agreement allows the use of the particular music that is available on this site for free. Kevin McLeod writes all the music and produces them all except where stated like Beethoven etc. He believes some music should be free for those who cannot afford to pay for the use of music composed by others, like schools and movie makers etc. However, you can choose to give a donation to use his music and there are some pieces that he has compiled that do have a price on them. He has a large variety of music available which is set out in catergories and also has links to others sites similiar to his.

What a great way to have access to music that can be used in the classrooms; like Drama / Dance, powerpoint presentations, movie making, or just a soothing backdrop whilst students are working. Prep and and some year 1-2 grades still have a quiet time when they return to the classrooms after lunch break, heads are layed on desks for a rest and calming effect with calming soothing music played in the background.

The piece I chose was called "Winter Selections" by Kevin McLeod. It is a piece played via 3 ipods with bops and balls but it is a very soothing calming piano piece. It could be used in a play where the snow is falling lightly or used in a Dance piece like finding your way through a forest where fairies can be found. There are many ways you can use a particular piece of music, depends on the way you use it and your imagination. I love all types of music, well except for the rap music and techno. But music is a great way to reach some children in the classroom, especially some special needs kids, Autistic kids and others who are musical learners or those who just love music.

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  1. Hi Wendy,

    I have to agree, I love this site. You can download just about anything. African, soothing music, the works. I have to say I also like the simplicity of mediafire. I have never used an online file storage facility, and this is definately my style - easy.

    Catch up soon,