Friday, August 14, 2009

Jake at Duck Pond - Picnik

J at Duck Pond
Originally uploaded by wen33

Upon entering Picnik site, I was surprised to find that you could actually play with your photos on the web, as I have never experienced this before. Looking at some of the things you can do, it is fairly limited unless you upgrade which costs money, which may not keep students engaged for too long. It is a shame but still it is one application that students could expreiment with and see what they come up with, like making a collage of your pictures but only a limited number of photos involved.

The photo that I used here today is of my son Jake at a local Duck Pond. I have cropped and brought my son in closer but also bringing the effect of the trees in as well. I have added some warmth to the picture which accentuates the shadows on the water and the tree trunks, I have also brightened the colour a little to enhance the shades of the colours to be brighter. This brings the foreground colours forward and also gives a more 3d look to all the subjects in the picture. I was happy with the way the photo turned out. I love playing with my photos this way, I am familiar with these types of programs, as I use Picasa on my home computer all the time to enhance my photos if need be or just to play with some of them to make them a little different.

I can see how this application could be implemented into the classroom, having students experiemnt with manipulating colour, hue, warmth and size links to the cuuriculum framework in ICTs. Being able to link and save these creations to other programs and applications is a plus, like; Facebook, Twitter, your computer, Emails, Picasa and Flickr is great. You can read a little more about Flickr in my Blog.


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