Friday, August 14, 2009

Online testing Create online quizzes free quiz maker ClassMarker

Online testing Create online quizzes free quiz maker ClassMarker

Well what an interesting site this is. I was a little lost at first but I eventually got it. I haven't spent a lot of time on it, but what a great way to engae your students instead of using the old boring paper tests. These tests could be used as a fast finishers or free time challenges to test their own knowledge or refine their own knowledge. Possibly also a whole class test, although a computer lab would be required. The idea of homework is a great idea as well, as long as ALL students have access to the internet. you coould use these tests as a gathering of information to a bigger question at the completion and then have students write an report or create a poster on what they have learnt about through answering the questions in the test.
What a great tool!. It would be great if you could import a vriety of pictures into the test as well, I noticed you could import a URL site address, but does this allow more than one?.... as for our Visual learner this would be a great advantage to them, this I feel would keep most students engaged and effective with all years as they can be modified to fit a theme, age - your questions and so on. For those Low Literacy Learners; importing pictures would be great but I think paring a LL student with a high Literacy Learner would be a great peer learning activity. I could go on and on for ideas of ways this particular program could be used in the classroom. I have tested this on a few students (friends kids) and they seemed to enjoy it, their comments were, it was better than tests on paper as sometimes they feel nervous and they can't remember the answers, where this was a more fun way and the word "test" didn't come into it. Another comment was if it had pictures in it, it would be even better.
so have a go at my small maths test if you dare. Sorry that it is not really exciting at this stage, but I hope to build on that at a later date. Thanks Wendy (click on URL)

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