Monday, August 17, 2009

PowerPoint (my powerpoint)

Whilst watching the PowerPoint Tutorial I found it was a little tedious, boring and outdated, and very long. However it did have great step by step instructions which were easy to follow and read. Most of these steps I have used before which have been self taught. There were a few new ones that I was not aware of, and tried to have a go with them, but became a little frustrated with when they did not work, maybe I will try a little later.

The PowerPoint above was created during a TAFE course in 2007. Looking back on it now and watching for the first time in a long time and knowing what I know now, I have noticed a few changes that would need to be made, in regards to the different Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardener (1983). I could have used pictures as a visual cue when asking the questions on slide 3 to cater for visual learners. I found it easy to insert music (which I am also aware now is a copyright breach) into the slide and was able to experiment with the transitions and note taking at the bottom of the screen for my own use whilst presenting the slideshow, which was very helpful. I loved the many colours/ backgrounds and designs that could be used although some of them are getting quite boring and outdated now. My biggest challenge is to insert a video into a PowerPoint, which I have not managed to do as yet, but there is still time. I also found it difficult to insert my slideshow into this Blog, and as you can see, I ddin't manage to quite do it, I have only managed to insert the URL where I have downloaded to a website called once you click on the URL above, it will take you to the slideshow, hopefully the music will play also.

PowerPoint is a great way to engage (Prensky 2005) students in the classroom but only I think as a small part of a lesson. It can be used by way of introducing information, displaying images, asking questions, with or without sound/music. Depending on the type of an impact you wish to give. It also is great way to give instructions for students to follow like a Procedural text. PowerPoints could be used in reverse also, having students create their own power points as an Authentic task with problem based Learning (2002) by portray a story that solves a problem, a procedure, an assessment / assignment and so on. There are endless ways to use PowerPoint and it is simple for most students to use and follow. PowerPoint can also be an introduction for digital immigrants (Prensky 2001) to ICT's.



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