Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The use of Buttons on your PowerPoint

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(click on the link to view my button powerpoint quiz)

This activity began with many frustrations and hair pulling, as I could not find my action buttons located in the PowerPoint program, with much searching and thowing hands in the air, I decided to try "help", yeah finally found where these buttons are hidden away, they are actually just shapes, but they can be used as a button. Setting up the PowerPoint was considerably easy as I have done many of these before, using buttons is a new experience and once I got the hang of it, I was off and running. I only created a simple slideshow using buttons going one way, but I did manage to have them make a sound when clicked on, that is so cool!.

What a great way to make your slideshows look more proffessional and fun for the kids. In the classroom, I think the students would love to create their own and they would come up with quite a few varieties. Making things fun and engaging (Prensky 2005) will keep our students no matter how much of a digital native (Prensky 2001) they may or may not be, it will keep them thinking and coming up with new ideas and let them think outside the box. Who knows we may learn a few more things from them.



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  1. Hi there Wendy,

    Buttons can add a whole new dimension to a PowerPoint. I have to admit the word 'buttons' could perhaps be 21st 'centurified' to meet this digital age and i am sure it will happen, if it hasn't already!

    I have now seen this in action in a classroom and the students are completely engaged in the lesson right from the beginning. It is kind of like the hook, line and sinker (in this case floater) all in one.

    Chat soon,