Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This is a captured picture through Google Earth of where I used to live in Edmonton Cairns.

Google Earth is a great interactive learning tool for the classroom. It can be utilised throughout all KLA's. Google Earth also has an area where you can use for educational purposes so that you may set up a virtual learning classroom. Google Earth has many features from longitute/latitude street views, distance calculations, contour views to being able to go under the sea to view the layers of the seabedetc. Google Earth is a great way to take students to another country, city or area without leaving the classroom. A great way for locating places without using the old way of an atlas. This 3D view is an excellent form of learning for recognising where every country is relation to each other as an atlas does not show this. Students will be able to see how close we actually are from another country. Great use of finding the compass points for the younger years as well.

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