Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Another site to sign up too. Whew I am loosing track of all these sites, good thing I have a little black book to note them in.... Anyway entering this site was easy enough, and signing up. I encountered a small problem when uploading a PowerPoint to the site, it took soooo long, and when I tried to go back and preview it, I could not find it, so I began to upload it again and it took another 20 mins, thought this was taking a little too long so I had a play around the site and found that it actually had uploaded and I was then able to preview it. Then came the challenge of embedding it into my blog, I followed the instructions by using the "embed" code but that took a whole page so I decided to go via posting it through Blogger from the bottom of the page. This worked a treat.
The Audio on the other hand I could not get to work. I downloaded a free program called "Audacity" from the Web. The first test I did, worked well although very low volume, so I tried turning up the volume and repeating a test again and again and again. Could not get this to work at all. I was getting very frustrated at this stage. After playing with this for at least half an hour I chose to move on and plan to play with it at a later date when I have more time (yeah right...sparetime..) anyway I shall put it down to another experience I have had with another program, one of many. How unfortunate I could not get it to work.
I believe these too programs could work well together for students once the teething problems have been ironed out. Not only for students to use and experiment with but for teachers presentations. Another engaging effective way of teaching and/or learning tool.

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